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SEARCH EBAY (though not for anything other than NEW Chinese made spring saddle seats with a cut-out hole in the center of this wide seat...)

You'll find them called "Big Bum Seats" or "Wide Bum Seats" or "Wide Saddle Seats"

THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM TO CHOOSE FROM...some without the cut-out hole , and some with it. (most are in the $14 to $20 cost range with FREE SHIPPING)

There is a large Chinese maker, called GUB (they make everything from helmets, to accessories, to seats) reliable, well-engineered quality on everything that I have tried from them, so my guess is that their seat is okay too. I do know that they make a very large and heavy cruiser type saddle that has very large coil spring suspension that is said to be very comfortable, but it probably weighs three pounds.
GUB does make a fantastic helmet called the GUB CITY classic or something like that, it has an integral visor (not removeable) that is molded as part of the outer protective shell.....this helmet is available in just four colors BLUE, RED, WHITE, OR of the better helmets that I have seen......rounded back ...not aero in shape.....much more like what police personnel in my region wear for head protection while riding police bicycles. Incredibly comfortable too with great padding and the dial in knob............................see GUB自行车头盔品牌官网|自行车头盔|深圳市金盟自行车贸易有限公司 but you may have to learn to read Chinese......................the quality of the GUB helmet is fantastic and some of their accesories has been really good. There are some direct from China ebayers that sell some of GUB items.
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