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Well, she got her application in late, and didn't get accepted to the Youth Corps. She did come down, but not "chauffeuring" for me. If she gets her act together earlier and applies next year, there are two options available. Here in Eugene doing the day program with Grandma. Or the overnight camping program, off wherever they take her. But, she should have her driver's license by then.

I did start getting interested in driving again.

I got the Blazer running again, but it developed an exhaust leak in the top of the muffler. The muffler looked clean on the bottom, and it had apparently muffled it enough that I hadn't noticed the problem. But, it nearly burnt up the Blazer. Just lucky I was able to save the vehicle.

It has an auto transmission, not my preference, but ... Anyway, it really needs a transmission cooler, so that will be the next project. And, hopefully not a full transmission rebuild.

Anyway, I bought a F150 from a neighbor for a little more hauling/towing capacity. But, it is 20 years old with pretty high mileage. I has had the #3 sparkplug blown and hopefully permanently repaired. Just 7 more spark plugs to blow!!!

New problems with new vehicles. I never had blown spark plugs in any of the previous generation vehicles I've owned.

I just replaced the tie rod ends, took it in for alignment and was told I also need ball joints. So, back home to replace the second half of the front suspension. Working on that now. And, the key was getting mighty worn, so I took it into the locksmith and was told new keys were $35 each. Plus they could "read" the original to cut it back to factory specs. And, since I only had 1 key, it was an extra $80 to reprogram the key, I think. Anyway, what a pain, but it all now works like new!!!

I drove to Michigan to pick up a load of Scrap Metal.

Of course, I haven't given up riding completely, and don't know what my long-term will be. As it is, I drive when I need to drive, and ride when I don't need to drive (or I have to fetch car parts).
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