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Originally Posted by Philly Tandem View Post
AMTRAK only takes something like 6-8 bikes per train, so hopefully you have those spaces reserved already. Why in the world would someone box the bike instead of just rolling it on? Unless it's a tandem or something?
Space. Like you said, there's only room for half a dozen. Met a guy on my trip who was travelling with his brother. First bike tour and pulling some serious miles because the train was full up over the weekend, so they had made a Friday reservation. His brother was in better shape and had obviously been the one to set the mileage goals. This guy was doing great for a first tour (and logging more daily miles than me even though I'd done part of this route a couple of times already), but he was struggling. I told the guy that he did have the option of boxing the bike in DC if he wanted to slow down, but he was determined to make that train. Hope he did.

Also, Amtrak says max tire size is 2 inches. I'm sure there's some leeway. No one said anything about my 2.4 tires, but if I had brought my plus tires, I would have gone with the box.
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