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Originally Posted by sckerber View Post
I picked up a pair of Linear bikes two weeks ago and came to the realization that my first experience riding a recumbent was on a SWB Linear, it felt like I was flying. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to convert the LWB to SWB? I need to get it assembled in some working order first. I'm thinking just accurately boring the box frame to press in the headset. Would need to get some idea on where in the frame to do that though.
If you have to ask, I'm afraid the answer is: it would be impossible to convert your LWB to SWB. I was under the impression, however, that the (some?) Linears were 'convertible'. This to me would mean that the box frame would already be bored and preparations made for headset installation. If you don't see any of that in evidence, then your frame is not convertible and boring it after the fact, and locating a fork with the mounting piece for the USS steering, all but impossible for a novice.
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