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double sharts!! yeah, i just did a little googling on chroming services pricing. atleast one place is $80 for a bicycle fork. that's not too bad, i suppose. obviously cheaper than the alsa paint.

pretty sure there's a chroming business in my area. i'll have to check their pricing. i really want to redo my tange fork as i'd had canti bosses brazed on by a local frame builder. he'd taken the fork to have it dechromed before doing the deed.

lessee....$25 for the fork, $75 for the bosses, another $80 maybe to have it rechromed. shoot me now...haha. may need to lower my standards and settle for the best chrome paint i can afford. **** stix brand is supposed to be pretty good < than alsa.

has anyone here tried the **** stix? the months ago i researched, i recall that...if done a certain...brought satisfactory/though not perfect results
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