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That "CHROME" spray paint, where the CAP on the rattle can looks like it might be chrome like WILL NOT DELIVER ANYTHING LIKE A CHROME APPEARANCE!! You will get a finish which looks like the bottom of a Coca-Cola can. You get a bright aluminum looking finish. It can be a nice color for certain applications but it will not look anything like Chrome, but what you do get is the best that you can hope for from paint. You won't get anything closer to a chrome look if you clear over it. All you will get with an application of clear over it would be just exactly what you'd get by an application of clear over the bottom of a Coca-Cola can. You'll get a more shiney, bright aluminum finish and that is about all you'll get.
NONE OF THE EXPENSIVE "chrome" RATTLE CAN paints are any better than the $5 rattle can (spray paint can) that Wal-Mart sells.
You just cannot get anything that looks like true chrome from a paint!
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