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Jeunet Cyclotouriste 1975

A bit of a mess from out foraging for milkweed leaves on the trails through the wetlands behind our house. (We had a couple dozen hungry monarch caterpillars to feed, now all but two safely en-chrysalized (if that's a word.)
Did all my riding on it, including loaded touring, from '75 (when my Super Course was stolen) till 1981, when fancier bikes began to join the fleet. But the Jeunet just keeps on going, through several years of winter commuting and general bashing around. The front hub is probably the only original part. It's older than it looks because it went through an "All-Allen" conversion some time in the 1980s when I started to have enough money to have Mike braze on various new bits to improve dropouts, brake bridges, bottle cage bosses, etc. It loves having big tires back on it and rides sweetly on gravel, trails, and pavement.

This bike was the first thing I ever bought from the late Mike Barry at Bicyclesport and I was honoured to be able to ride it to his funeral last December.

I take personal responsibility for the DIY paint job and the incorrect decals, the latter being an idea that seemed like a good one at the time.
Definitely a keeper in all other respects.
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