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Originally Posted by MattTheHat View Post
I suspect that in some cases, yes, *if* the motorist recognizes there is a camera, they may stop and render aid. In many cases though, rendering aid will be too little, too late and the cyclist will die. In such a case, was the cyclist protected?

I can think of other scenarios where the driver (especially those of the criminal persuasion) would purposely not stop *if* they knew there was a camera.

Again, I could be wrong. But I see many posts where cameras are mentioned as making a cyclist safe. I'd just like to see some evidence that supports it.
There are also a lot of cars with dash cams these days but we don't find driving to have improved lately. I also doubt that if a driver installs a dash cam in his own car, he'd suddenly be a better driver. And if he does get into a collision, his first reaction would be to erase what's on the dash cam.

However, we can only hope that other dash cams and bike cams can provide evidence for some sort of conviction.
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