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When stupid things happen

Well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later but last night it finally did. I pulled a muscle on my back while moving the bike. Actually it was all my fault. When I leave my Condo I have to go down a flight of stairs. Not a problem...usually. I took the bike down and when I got to the bottom I realized I had forgotten to put the main light on the bike. Not one to take chances I carried the bike back up to the next level where I live. When inside real quick to get the light ( no problem, took only seconds ) but when I came back out I faced a dilemma. The bike was turned the wrong way and there was very little space to work with while sitting in the stairway short level area. . Not thinking I stupidly chose to pick the bike up and lift it over my head and then twirl the bike around. Wrong thing for me to do! I felt the twinge on the left side of my upper back almost immediately. I knew right away that it wasn't going to take long for the pain to kick in. I still got my ride in but two hours after I got home the pain started up. God I hate when I do stupid stuff like trying to pick up a 50 lb. bike over my head and twirl it around. Thankfully the generic Naproxen Sodium I have is taking care of the pain but it also means I have to take it easy on my back for at least a week or so. Need I say, I'm never going to do that again.... ( Note: This is what happens when your mind makes a promise that your body can't keep , especially when in your mid-60's )

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