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Originally Posted by spinnaker View Post
Carson street is a LONG street. It depends on where you are, Between Mckees Rocks and Pittsburgh, it can be dangerous during rush hour. Southside is not bad at all unless late at night and there are drunks. But there are back street options there. Between southside and Homestead can be a bit dangerous but you noe have the option of a bike trail.

I ride between the West End and Duquesne Incline several times a week as part of my work commute, yes it's worse than in the South Side proper, but South Side section of Carson is still not the best street to ride on as it's heavily congested and can be a little tight in places so I get off of Carson Street at the earliest possible time. If riding during the day, which this couple is not, I would advise they take the trail or back streets. South Side is the party district and 3 major universities have students that live/party there so I'd argue any night on the South Side it would be safer to stay on the sidewalk. All that said, Wynnewood, the South Side is a great area overall and there are lots of neat Pittsburgh places to visit there.

@spinnaker we seem to always have opposite opinions when it comes to safety around here...

@Altair, I used to do the Icicle Bicycle ride as well, but haven't the past couple years but that's primarily because of family obligations, well last year was a hangover but family was involved in that as well.

I actually have an old video from my commute showing Carson Street. I come on to it around the 1:20 mark. Though it's not the South Side section...

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