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Originally Posted by hobbs1951 View Post
Appreciate your comments. Roberts are a legend among English framebuilders since the 1960s when Charles Benjamin Roberts left Holdsworth (he was foreman) and started his own business. His son Geoff has been building since the age of 14 (as well as being a professional rider).

Geoff has recently built a steel framed machine for Pip Jenkins who recently rode in the RTTA championships (463 miles in 24 hrs).

We hope to make this an annual event in this lovely part of East Sussex.

You're welcome, most excellent. Well aware of Roberts in general and what is stated here that I have seen. Usually drill right down when something about them comes up.

Huge fan of the Brits long standing framebuilding tradition though I currently only have a Holdsworth, a badly bent Bob Jackson tandem frame and 8 Raleigh's, 5 Pro's, 1 Super tourer and a couple of Grand Prix's, 4 are frame only.

Still need a Bob Jackson, Roberts, Mercian, Jack Taylor, Cooper, Whitcomb, Woodrup, etc., etc

Keep up the good work.

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