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Originally Posted by randyjawa View Post
I built my website to help others avoid spending too much money, time and effort when street restoring a vintage bicycle. Bike Forums, particularly the Classic and Vintage forum, should also, and is, helpful to others, with one important exception - BF is not newbie friendly. Let me explain...

Many people, no everyone, come here, for the first time, seeking information regarding this bike or that bike that they want to sell or just bought. We, the notnewbies, politely insist on photos, and rightfully so, to assist with appraisals and/or identifications.

Without ten posts, the person seeking information is, well, not getting much for a while. Ten posts, and I understand the need for scam prevention, is not newbie friendly. So, does anyone have any ideas that might help find a way for the new comers to share pics faster, facilitating their needs and helping us to do the same thing?

My thought was, when a newbie attempts to post a picture, he or she can be linked to a page that will offer the opportunity to get "fully active" quickly. I really don't know much about making websites, and new information technology, but I do know a pain in the butt, when I encounter one. My question, or intent, is to ask other members if they might have an idea to make the newbie firewall go away?

Sorry, this is one thing that I do not have a picture for:-(
I made the suggestion in the "forum suggestions" area just now.

I notice a lot of new users able to immediately post new topics without having a posting history. That tends to cater to spam and trolls.

I think 10 posts is fair before being allowed to start new topics.

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