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Originally Posted by machinist42 View Post
My point is this:


As long as there are workarounds, (such as what I did in my first post (which had pics), over a thousand posts ago, upload directly from my computer, or whatever that guy did), every time a BF member tells a new visitor they need ten posts to post a photo, they are lying to them. And if you want to dishearten, discourage and drive off prospective new BF members, there is no better way than by lying to them. I cringe every single time some BF member tells someone they need ten posts.

Be honest.
If those of us who believe there is a 10 post rule simply say so, we are not lying.
There is a rule, and if you have a ", work-around," good for you.

Next time you see a stop sign, ignore it, and tell yourself there is no sign.
Just don't go telling everyone else there is isn't one.

You are out of line at first reading, but I saw your clarification later, and good on you.
If it pains you to see the 10-post rule mentioned, I suggest read something else, then you can stop cringing.
Your poor offered advice simply creates problems.

Be honest. Be careful.
Someday you may meet someone who doesn't take being called a liar as casually as you say it.
That person may be someone you honestly don't want to say that to.

And good luck with Dorian. Many people don't realize that much of NC's coastline runs West to East.
Not fun with a storm heading North. Hopefully, the Blockade Runner won't end up like Shell Island.
Things can get back to normal and calabash-style plates of piping hot shrimp, hush puppies, and slaw will again abound.
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