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Originally Posted by randyjawa View Post
Most of you have dramatically missed my point. I am totally in favor of preventing Spam and the ten post rule does that just fine. My question was - How can BF achieve the same level of protection without making the new person jump through present and, perhaps, unnecessary hoops?

The problem with the two many hoops rule (10 posts) might (should be will) drive first timers away! For those who did not return, there will never be a picture but it did and still does happen. To that add that, sooner or later, a guy like me will become fed up with the situation and reduce my attempts to assist, making me a partially lost customer. Please do not tell me that this is not going to happen...

I have long passed the point of spending much time in the appraisal forum, simply because I have to wait for Mr. or Mz. BF newbie to spend two days, getting his or her posts so that he or she can show me what the heck they are talking about. With that in mind, now...

BF is loosing some of the experts willingness to share advice as well as the newbies (who tend to not hoop jump and come back to hoop jump for a second day or any day thereafter).

I am, or used to be an industrial mechanic (Millwright) but my strong documentation skills got me promoted to a builder of Management Systems for quality assurance and environmental protection. What I learned is - make a product or service that is easy to use and effective and it will sell or serve well. Make is not easy to use, though it might be effective later on, drives potential customers away. And none of us will ever know how many were driven away, never to return again. That is a poor model for business growth, in my opinion.

Anyway, I have seen thoughts that I would not have considered, show up in this thread. And, I, too, noted a bit of "it bugs me to help some people" comments surface. Trust me, I do understand how some of the inane requests for "what kind of bike do I have and how much is it worth?" can prove frustrating. Let's pool our well of creativity, until we have a lake full of creative thought and fix this.
You lost me when you referenced 10 posts as jumping through hoops
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