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Originally Posted by cinco View Post
Read it again, but change the word "bitterness" to "toxicity". Much of what I've seen is a bunch of people who think they're important complaining about the inconvenience of helping people. That attitude probably drives away more good new members than the post-count thing. Randyjawa, so far, is the only person who's come out strongly in favor of helping people, and it was suggested that he is wasting his time. When people like him are in the minority, as they seem to be, things tend not to improve over time. I see more arrogance and entitlement among the high-post-count users than the newbies around here.
Endless people on this forum routinely come out to help people they do not know and haven't met (even the high post count users). Driving out high post count users just eliminates that source of knowledge. Randy is one of them. To get access to such expertise, at no cost, is quite a blessing for sure. Many of these high post counters are also donors to local co-ops, in bikes/parts, cash, and mechanic time. They give back a lot behind the scenes.

As far as entitlement goes, I see just as much or more from new posters, who want to know the exact year, model, and value of their bike, and want to know NOW. And then proceed to argue on value once someone tells them their barn find bike is not as valuable as they think.

I am on a fiberglass RV forum, and the two most knowledgeable people on the brand of vintage trailer I own have vacated the list. I miss their knowledge a lot. Since no thread is complete without pictures, here's my 1977 Trillium 1300.

1977 Trillium 1300 Mt Pisgah NP CG by wrk101, on Flickr

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