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I also have a S-A 8 speed hub on my Downtube 8FH and love it. After I bought it I figured out why the previous owner sold it - poor shifting. The problem is that, first, the X-RF8 was a dog. Yan, owner of Downtube, told me he had many, many fail, and that is why S-A came out with the X-RF8(W). BTW, he still has a bunch of X-RF8s for sale for $125. Second, the S-A 8-speed hubs are basically geared for small wheels, such as folding bikes. Folding bikes have contorted shift cable paths to accommodate folding. etc. This increases friction. My solution was a Jagwire Elite Link Kit. Very expensive, but, two years later, it still shifts effortlessly. (I see that Jagwire knockoffs are for sale on AliExpress for much less. I'll be changing my cables on my Xootr with them).
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