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The colors, the painting scheme and all the stickers are flawless and look like EMC (could you add 1 more photo? seat stay back, where there is a transition of colors: green, blue, fuchsia, white; this is the most difficult motif in painting EMC 3color, the hardest to copy it). Facts: 1) For the 1989 season, EMC has prepared a few novelties: the Century model (R653) and team painting - Domex Weinmann, Stuttgart (or German Pro), La William and 7-Eleven. 2) the oldest known serial numbers of all these novelties (except Stuttgart) are in the range of A9xxx-B0xxx. 3) Team bikes are built in the autumn of the year preceding the season (and are the first to have new painting patterns on them) 4) Similarly: photographs for catalogues and catalogue printing take place in the autumn of the year preceding the season. 5) There are at least 3 EMC publications for the 1989 season: Gita for the US market, 4-page (German) and 4-page (English - modified) - there are very interesting differences in description between the latter. 6) Stuttgart's painting is particularly early - A81xx-85xx. 7) EMC stopped production in the summer of 1988 for at least 6 weeks. Conclusion or pure speculation: your frame could have been produced before the "summer break", "wait" 2-3 months (however unusual in size) and then be painted by Stuttgart (then described as German Pro by the publishers, only in the latest "English modified" appears the name Stuttgart), and since it was the beginning of the use of this scheme, filling in the cutout was painted with "just anything". (as long as it's contrasting) instead of the later catalog pink/fuchsia. This beautiful story is only probable... but it's pretty good

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