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Is this the real issue?

Is the real issue with the Workd today, too much stuff being manufactured?

I can’t help but think that too much stuff is being made, and most of it is destined for the dump in under a year.

I lived very car minimally for the last 4 years compared to everyone that I know. And I love to drive, for fun...

But about 3 years ago I stopped buying stuff, “stuff”. Stuff that looks neat or whatever junk in the store on sale. I sometimes wait over a year before I decide to actually purchase something, and I pretty much only buy high end items now.

I can afford to buy “expensive” shoes that cost over $100?! (that’s what my relatives say)... but I save thousands by not buying other trinkets that are shipped by the ton from overseas...

I also pressured my wife to slim down on a lot of her stuff and not replace it, but she seems addicted to buying. But in the past year or so she’s finally slowed herself down and she too, has started carefully planning purchases if she must buy.

I also don’t make a good living at all. My income sucks. But I end up with nicer, longer lasting equipment and ultimately spend less.
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