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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post

I've been fascinated by lever-type front derailleurs for a while now, but I kinda wonder if it would be too nerve-wracking to actually use.

Maybe you could braze up a clamp-on mount so you could prototype round and square pushrods?

Ha, and give you the prototypes after I'm finished deciding?

That photo is off the blackbirdsf site, no? Singer made it out of Nivex parts, from what I can tell. What a great website!

I believe the history is that Nivex made a round pushrod derailleur and a company called "Le Chat" ("The Cat") made them with keyhole-shaped pushrods. Herse used Le Chat (curiously modified to take a square pushrod) and Singer used Nivex, highly modified of course. The original Nivex has threads on the tube to screw big nuts onto for limit stops, from the look of it. And it is dual-cable, same as Le Cyclo and Nivex rear. Pretty fancy.

The Singer design definitely looks like less work to make, but also way flimsier. I could probably TIG weld a thing like this pretty quickly if I had the large tubing to go around the seat tube.

I've tried reaching around where I think a lever should be, with a Sharpie, and marking the frame as I ride. It seems OK even while pedaling, and gave me some idea where the handle ought to go. Good to have fenders when you've got your hand back behind the seat tube next to the tire, the way the Herse and Singer derailleurs seem to work!
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