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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
4/1/19 (Monday) Nickerson State Park. took a vacation day (for my 60th birthday later in the week)
8:00 am left house. great sunny day for a drive. rush hour traffic on 495 wasn’t too bad
forgot my jacket so had to go shopping! ugh! tried a cpl cheap stores but they sucked. wound up at EMS. got something good but freaking expensive. looks like you're never too old to be forgetful
12:00 pm dived into the woods from lot near fields (840 Freemans Way, Brewster MA). It always helps to view a Google street view to know what to look for
1:00 pm 5.38 miles found my way North to the bay, Crosby Landing & checked out a marsh & back dune trail. without the mud flap picked up a decent amount of mud & sand on the chain. which started some chain suck. used some water from the water bottle but then knocked more off manually cuz I needed the water. these trails were firm enough to ride on. the marsh trail led to an osprey nest but I stopped well before it. saw one osprey fighting the wind to bring some large clump of grassy material to the nest. the back dune trail (different than the marsh trail) was surprisingly firm & easy to ride on, until the end, where I stopped at the soft sand approach the beach. the foot trail continued much further East, but that too was soft sand, too soft for 2.25" tires even at 21-25 psi. visited the beach, then ate my lunch next to a fence / wind break

crossing route 6A in both directions (to & from the park to get to the beach) was interesting. leaving the park, heading North had to make a left onto 6A & ride 6A for 2/10ths mile? but coming back I found a crosswalk at the end of Crosby Lane & 6A which led into the park right there (a much safer crossing)

did a little more exploring of paved bike trails, a gravel power line trail & a bunch of single tracks. some of which were ridiculously narrow & steep. the weather was great, I was safe, had plenty of daylight ahead of me so didn’t mind the occasional, partial lost, feeling. I wouldn’t want to be doing this in the dark, but I imagine it wouldn’t be impossible

2:45 pm back at car. fairly impressed & partly surprised I was able to find my way back. some trails I recognized, some I did not. the maps don’t show just how many trails there are. I had plenty in the tank & could have easily ridden another hour or so, but kept it conservative & headed home. I can certainly build on this experience & go back another day

when I first parked my car, before I was heading out, I chatted w a young man heading head out. he had an impressive full suspension bike, dressed lightly & didn’t appear to be carrying much. this was his regular stomping ground

early April can be good or bad for outdoor activity. I picked the right day to take off from work. riding these trails I learned why someone would want full suspension & a dropper post. but regardless of bike, I would still be walking up some of these steep climbs. for example the trails around the fire tower

12.3 miles
22 mph max
6.7 avrg
1 hr 51 min saddle time
5:30pm back home
Mix of trails, narrow single track, old double track, paved bike trail, gravel power line trail, paved road & marsh trails

temps mid 40s w 15mph wind & some higher gusts, so "chilly". base top, fleece shirt & new (EMS) Columbia brand wind break was perfect
crossed the CCRT North of the park before the beach
there is a cross walk at the beg. of Crosby Lane that crosses Route 6A into Nickerson Park. this is where the CCRT travels thru the park. never knew that was 6A right there!

4 months later (in August) it was fun to sit on this rock jetty in a bathing suit talking to Wifey while she happily floated in front of me. wound up being a decent summer swimming beach! thought I might see some crabs or other life but no luck

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