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Exercise. I'm in the Navy and we have a biannual fitness test. The cardio portion can be done with a swim, bike, or run. I'm a terrible swimmer. We could do the run on a treadmill (at 1% incline) but my current command didn't have one back in 2013 and I didn't want to run outside because it can be hot and I'd rather run on a controlled environment.

So I started biking on the exercise bikes and did well enough. Come April 2019 and I wasn't in very good shape (relatively) as I'd been slacking but I got to go to Germany for training. Wow. Not only was it gorgeous in Garmisch, Germany but the cycling was great even on a mediocre rental bike. I watched a lot of GCN and returned excited about cycling so I bought a too expensive bike (Trek Domane SL5) and eventually got a bike for my wife and a turbo trainer.

The weather has been preposterously hot since June here in Georgia so I've rarely biked outside but I did manage to do my first century up in Delaware. I've mostly biked inside on Zwift (which I really enjoy). My FTP is up to 282 Watts from 240 Watts and my weight is down from 215 to 187. I'm almost at the maximum score I can get on the biking test in the Navy and if I do I'll be the only one of about 700 people at my command who ride the bike with a maximum (the scoring for the bike is absurd and really hard to max out).

So I ride for fitness, to lose weight, fit in my old dress pants (I easily fit in my 34 inch dress pants today and I haven't fit in them in years), and for fun. I would add "ride around outside" but the weather has been awful and there really aren't too many places to go to. Though we do have a Masters Road Course here on base that's a good 15 mile circuit with rolling hills.
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