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Originally Posted by longe View Post
I'm assuming waiting for the bunch sprint wouldn't be my plan A in this case...
Maybe. But doing extremely high cadences at peak effort isn't very difficult, or even unnatural.

A big question is being able to rest when someone is hammering the front on a shallow descent. If you're in a 45mph situation where holding the next wheel requires 80 watts, it's going to be more relaxing to do that at 120rpm in a 53-11 than at 130rpm in a 48-11.

If you're building a gravel bike and thinking about dabbling in road racing... I'd say build the gravel bike and dabble in road racing. Don't put together a gravel bike with less gearing than you find useful for your gravel. If you later find the gearing to be unsatisfactory, then go fix it. Changing out sprockets isn't a big deal.

Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
Each tooth is equal to about 2 rpm in leg speed. So if your competitors are spinning 90 rpm at 25 mph using a 53t ring, you will be spinning approximately 100 rpm.
If you're competitors are spinning 90rpm at 25mph in a 53T ring, they're in their 15-tooth cogs. In a 48-tooth ring, you'd have the 13T or 14T cogs to use to get into that same gearing range. Not really a big deal, even if you're not preferring 100rpm in the situation.
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