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thanks for your help guys

Originally Posted by flatrockmobile View Post
I have 165mm on one beach cruiser and 185mm on another. I much prefer the 185's They just feel right but I do make sure the cranks are horizontal going into a 90deg turn because they can scrape if vertical.
Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
Track frames designed to be ridden on a banked velodrome have fairly high bottom brackets to prevent pedal strike. If this is a converted road frame, the bottom bracket may be lower than that on a true track frame, so shorter cranks will help prevent pedal strike. Shorter crank arms are also easier on your knees at high RPMs; something that becomes significant on a fixed gear riding downhill or with a tailwind.

I run 170mm arms on my road bikes and 165mm arms on my fixed gear bikes and really don't notice any difference in power or leverage.
Originally Posted by dsbrantjr View Post
The difference is about 3%
Originally Posted by HillRider View Post
Can't be done on a fixie. I agree, on a road frame with its normal height bottom bracket, short crank arm (say 165 or 170 at most) are the way to go.
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