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Recently did the cabling for the brifters. The shifting slowly gets sluggish from the factory coating in the housing degrading & caking within the housing, followed by the cable itself wearing off its factory coating & corroding. The cable tends to tarnish before it corrodes in the housing, increasing the friction imo.

If I am doing general maintenance that includes the cables, I replace the housings. If it's to get back on the road in a timely manner, only that cable is replaced with a planned maintenance soon after, that will involve replacing the both, the recently replaced cable, & the rest of the other cables with new housings. It may cost a redundant cable, but it provides the reassurance that it will not be a new problem shortly after.

Plus, I look forward to testing out/adjusting the shifting parameters when everything is new for my personal bicycle. For other's bicycles, I dread it... There hardware is mainly the reason as the owner's of those bicycles tend to have inbetweener sized hardware from using wrongfully fitting tooling ie: allen bolts used with torx, metric nuts wrenched on with SAE sockets or sloppy adjustable wrench.
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