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I don't have time for fixing stupid or dishonest on Ebay or CL despite the fact that it's rampant. However, I belong to/visit this and one other cycling forum; the other one has a pretty active classifieds section. It takes like 30 days to even post or respond there so it seems like a pretty up and up operation. Back in the summer there was a guy selling an SLX Merckx Corsa Extra frame and fork in my size. The ad stated the frame was barely ridden and in great condition but for a nick or two in the paint. Something told me to pull up the seller's past threads and sure enough, he had a thread on how to tell the difference between a Merckx SLX fork and one made of SL.

According to the post he bought the frame and fork without a headset, found that a Campy headset stacked too tall and went on the hunt for a replacement fork as opposed to using a Shimano, King or some other lower stack model. He was trying to determine if what he had would have been indigenous to the frame or to the SL version Corsa. The sum total was no one could give him a concrete answer so the thread died. Fast forward to the ad copy that made no mention of the replacement fork or the possibility of it being SL vs SLX; on top of that he was asking above top of the mark money for the frame, fork and headset. He even had an ad on Ebay that also led one to believe that the frame and fork were both original.

Instead of being a d*ck and posting the question about the fork in the FS thread and linking the fork thread he posted, I PMed him. Sure enough, this was the fork in question and there was no mention of where the original fork was. (I should add, despite many FS postings, there was no ad for the original fork that was too short) After that, I thought he might update the ad to read the "frame" has very few miles and the "fork is a brand new replacement" or something but nope, the ad still might lead someone to believe that the frame and fork were a pair originally.

Maybe it's exactly what the guy says it is but dancing around with words on an important item like that in a forum full of people that would likely pay less because of it is (in my opinion) a lie by omission. Worse case scenario the bike was involved in a front impact and he replaced the fork (it had been built and ridden, he was only selling the frame and fork). I'm not saying that's the case but not being 100% upfront about something like a replacement fork in a community of enthusiasts tells me everything I need to know. I never called him on it publicly because I don't go there to create a dust ups; I just want to talk bikes, riding and maybe buy something now and again.

It's like my grandad used to say, "A thief will steal and a murderer will kill but you never know where you stand with a liar".

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