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Originally Posted by restlessswind View Post
I've now got 600 miles on it. It's great! It's easy to maintain 23-25 mph in high setting. Gets me home on 100+ days without being totally exhausted. (17.5 mi each way commute)
The battery gets about 25 mi on high, 35mi on medium. (I'm assuming about 50 on low, but I haven't had a reason to use that setting)
I never ran the battery lower than 20%. I charge at work.

I get my estimates using miles ridden vs percentage left on battery. On high setting, I have about 30% charge left after a 17.5 mi ride. On Medium setting, I have about 50% charge remaining on 17.5 mi ride.

The only thing I needed to replace was the saddle. I have a Brooks Flyer that is my go to saddle. Some more handlebar sweep-back would be nice, but not necessary.
I'm looking at a Vado 4.0 for next year, but now I'm concerned about your range report. I don't commute, but would want to ride it on routes that can easily be 40+ miles. I'm guessing that the issue, though, is that you're riding it at 23-25 mph at a higher boost level, and I doubt I'd crank it up that high most of the time, especially since I'd be on MUPs and rail-trails.

I had the use of an older Vado (2.0?) for a couple days. It was limited to 20mph and after my two days on it and probably 50+ miles of riding, mostly in the lowest boost setting, there was a considerable amount of battery left. Like any electric vehicle, lots of things that affect the range. So maybe it wouldn't be an issue for me, but "range anxiety" is definitely a factor I wouldn't look forward to!
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