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Originally Posted by operator View Post
The real reason for a shorter crank is hip angle in regards to bike fit.

In this scenario with a high BB, people still want max clearance when cornering, so shorter cranks ~ 165mm range.

Next person to say it's because of leverage needs to choke some puppies
Slow down here. Only two people have mentioned leverage. The first was the OP, wondering about what crank arm length would be best for him and his concerns about the efficience of shorter arm lengths. The second was John who said he couldn't feel any real difference in leverage. I take this to reinforce your view of leverage not being what's it about.. So who are you so seeming annoyed with?

koga Mika- There's no one answer for everyone. Some riders are good at avoiding pedal strikes, others not so much so. Some are good at high rpms and don't need short arms for that aspect. Some riders find 165 arms to be right for all riding (I have many smaller friends who this applies to.) Some riders (the big and tall often) find 170 arms to be really short.

Also you haven't provided all the data we might want to know before we suggest our opinion of your need. How tall are you? how well do you spin? Are you an aggressive rider and will corner hard? If you were to scrape a pedal what would you do/feel/conclude? Are you clipped in or running flats? How big are the pedals? Are you running hand brakes?

My set up has the same arm length that I use on all my bikes, 170mm (including my two mountain bikes). I've had a track/rollers.fixed bike since the late 1970s but have also run hand brakes since the mid 1980s. I spin very well for an old guy. I stand 5'6" tall.I run small pedals (Speedplay X). And the last two frames for this function I built had 6.5 or 7cm BB drops. Pretty middle to low a BB height for a track bike. But I don't do much open road riding on these things often. I find the connection of a fixed cog to no longer hold some sort of draw for me and like having gears to make riding easier. Andy
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