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So it's starting summer down there now? My wife reminded me of that that other day I think. I'm always amazed at how that is.

Off topic but some of the shows I watch are Australian and I really like them. I watched one called I think it was "Offspring". Was about a neonatal doc gal. Then there is "Wonderland". My kids really like that one too. They are teenagers. I watch "Nothing Trivial". That one is pretty good. There was one I really liked about a 20 some year old guy that ended up in a relationship with a 40 year old who had 3 kids already. That one I really liked.... "Step Dave". And then there was one about a Pathologist doctor in the 50's I think..... It was like the most popular show, but they got rid of it anyways..... Doc something... Oh what's the name of that one.... I forget.

Anyways... Oh, I'm watching MacLeod's Daughters too. That one is alright. Pretty good. I don't watch that one a lot. I'm almost done with the first season.
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