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Originally Posted by martl View Post
these types of bikes with that car-like shifter and the banana seat were popular here (=gernamy) around ~1978-1980. They were called either "Bonanzarad" or "Highriser". The popularity was short-lived when buyers found out they looked cool but were a pain to ride for more than 5 minutes - too heavy, awkard seating position. (have i heard someone yell "Fatbike"? thought so). I got one ~1980 as a confirmation gift and sold it on a few weeks later.
Took us at least a decade to figure this out, heck I regularly see adults on BMX bikes who have still not gotten the memo. The only 2 good things about those bikes were 1.) Wheelies, and 2.) Evel Knievel-style jumps. Good thing I was too poor as a kid to afford a "sissy bar", those things turn an already dangerous bike, into a Death Trap.
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