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Originally Posted by 257 roberts View Post
Ride that bike like you stole it ! I might buy a new bike but I would never sell that Trek if you do I believe that you would regret it.
The reason I like it so much is that by pure chance it turned out to be the exact perfect size for me and I didn't have to change a single thing from the previous owner who was just my height. I think its a 16.5". Plus it has the indexed thumb shifters with separate upshift and downshift levers. For some reason I bought bikes before this that were too big for me - a 21" Trek 'loaded touring' bike (420T) and an 18.5" Bridgestone Comp MB2. They both were very ridable but for example the Bridgestone was too tall to be used off road by a guy my height, and the Trek road bike probably could have been a 19" and I would have been more comfortable with it.
I hate to admit this but today I started to put the new tires on it and could not get the smaller ones off the rims! I must have changed bike tires a hundred times over the years on every kind of bike. Even using steel spoons I could not get that third spoon set to really start getting the tire over the rim, and I bent my one aluminum spoon. I might be stubborn, but with the next attack on the trail slated for tomorrow morning, I knew what I had to do. Fortunately, a new full-service bike shop has recently opened only six miles from me so I rushed the wheels/tires/tubes down there. While there, I also have to admit I was brazenly ogling a beautiful road bike just my size (53). Its very dangerous going to the bike shop!
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