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Most of the buses in the USA only have doors on the right hand side of the bus. Light rail may have doors on both sides, but buses only on the right.

So, if you're planning on using existing buses, are you expecting the receiving bus to be driving backwards at 50 MPH while doing the transfer? Doing flying 180 degree turns at freeway speeds?

Computer assist could likely help match speeds, but I'm with @FiftySix, anything that could cause one bus to slow, swerve, stop, etc, could spell disaster. Even if the two buses were perfectly linked, that would be downright scary to be on the bridge and have a crash or something in front and have both buses lock up their brakes.

Have you ever walked between train cars? I always find the junction between cars to be slightly uncomfortable, and those are with two cars on steel tracks, and having a close coupling. I can't imagine trying to do that coming out the side of buses. Although, I suppose one could design a rigid link. Computer controlled docking/control + a secure rigid link capable or taking say a single bus with a 70 MPH crash into a solid barrier. But, that would get passengers everywhere beat up.

As @linberl suggests, part of an effective bus system is simply planning for buses or trains to meet to drop off/pick up passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Good subways have trains, say every 15 minutes, so any wait should be about half that, or perhaps 7 minutes.
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