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I think since you've got 7 and 8 speed cassettes, you don't have to swing the derailleur as far inward as I do with a wider 10 speed cassette. 11 speed would be even more severe, since it's another 1.8mm wider than a 10 speed cassette.

Also, if you're using a steel frame, you've got an extra 0.5mm tolerance for the FD since the seat tube is 1mm smaller in diameter than an aluminum frame.

I had another look at the litepro P adapter, and it has the center of the braze on bolt behind the centerline of the seat tube. This may allow the FD spring to swing further inward behind the seat tube. But for my 10 speed cassette the chain angles are too extreme, so having the FD that far back causes chain rub at the front of the cage all the time when on the big cog. Also, I have a small 44T outer chainring, so the FD is very low and the tail of the cage tends to hit the chainstay. So the adapter that I made has the braze on bolt in front of the centerline of the seat tube, and tilts the FD further clockwise (forward) and allows me to push the FD forward and raise the height a little bit. This lets me have less problems with trimming and the tail clears the chainstay, but it also means that the spring hits directly on the centerline of the seat tube, so I have to swing the tail further inward to clear the chain when it's on the big cog.
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