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Originally Posted by edwong3 View Post
I'm glad to have been of help to you, though I admit that I am not the most informed on the subject matter. That's why I said check with your local authorities to learn what the rules are about e-bike use in your jurisdiction.

To the best of my knowledge, in most parts of the US, an electric bicycle doesn't need to be registered as a "motor vehicle" as long as it fits within certain guidelines which most models on the market do, generally 20 or 28 mph max, 750 watts max and pedals. If you buy something that has a 3,000 watt motor, goes over 30 mph and has no working pedals, or even if it does, then you can pretty much assume that the authorities may not view that as a "bicycle" and could require some type of registration if the vehicle comes equipped to meet certain standards and if intended for use on public streets and roads, not just off-road or private property. But of course that last example is not what you are looking into anyway so disregard that.😁

Hopefully Trek will soon offer that model (Dual Sport) that you are waiting for and when you get it have a blast. Be sure to keep the forum group updated. Ride safe.👍
I would imagine Trek will offer it again Soon. The Marketing Person for Trek Mentioned 2020 DSE's in Their latest Video Introducing The New Alliant Series : Plus there are 2020 Models of the Dual Sport Electric Online . Of course not in the USA. One was Denmark and the Other Australia > I assume like it was with 2020 Models in Other Bikes : They are made available in America last
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