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Great stuff. Looks like the rear rack is Singer custom, but there are no mounts for a front rack? Perhaps an Englishman accidentally wandered his way into the shop that day

Are you sure this is a full-on touring bike? The fact that centerpulls are mounted via a standard single bolt instead of on studs at the pivots points to the fact that the bike probably originally came with sidepulls. Most Singers I've seen with centerpulls are the braze-on type, besides the off-the-peg Singer-branded bikes made by CNC during the bike boom in the early 70s (this is definitely not one of those, going by the lugs). That coupled with the lack of front rack mounts points to a racier bike with rear rack provisions for commuting. Not that the classification really matters. It's just fun to try to figure out the original intention of custom bikes like this.

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