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SP was very quick to respond and the upshot is they recommend (actually there is no second option) sending the hub to them for "bearing replacement." A follow up email clarified the actual process which is "...The bearing replacement is not just only for fixing bearing, but also checking the whole hub. If we find something wrong with the bearing, we will replace it to a new one..." The price is TWD $100 or at current exchange rates about USD $33. The only wild card will be the shipping cost. I can only send them the hub so the wheel will need to be disassembled.

I've ordered a new SV-9 (a later generation which is lighter and improved) and will lace that into the rim which is only 3 years old and not showing any signs that it needs retirement. Since I've got to take the wheel apart anyway I might as well do that. If the shipping cost doesn't make the repair of the old hub ridiculous, I'll send that off and get back a reconditioned spare that I can decide what I'll do with, to either keep or sell.

Oddly enough, with the way the hub was in the picture, it did not power the light. I wanted to continue riding and decided for better or worse to get the ring back to its original position. After much wrestling and further damage to the ring I got it back there. To keep the female lead from just dangling I reconnected it to the male connector on the ring and lo and behold the light is back to full power when the hub turns. I suppose some plumber's goo or silicone sealant might make it more waterproof but the new hub is due to arrive in a few days and when cold weather really gets here I'll rebuild the wheel.

It was an expensive mishap but I'm getting out cheaply compared to what a new wheel on the same kind of rim with a Schmidt SON hub would have cost from Peter White Cycles. I asked PWC if they would build up a wheel with a buyer-supplied SP hub instead but haven't received a response and, at this point, don't expect to.
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