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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
I'm going out to have a look at these tomorrow and will report back. I hope I'm not annoying people with my obsession with this one tree.

Since the weekend is coming up, in case anybody else is interested in seeing them, I should point out that the western larches grow all over the E slope of the Cascades - including in Oregon - and can be seen from many paved roads. I don't know Oregon very well and can't say much about where, I've seen photos of them from Bend, and know they're incredibly widespread. For Seattle people, Blewett Pass (US 97 between Leavenworth & Cle Elum) has thousands of them. They go all the way out to the Rockies.
Did you end up making it out again? I would love to go see them but I would be afraid this weekend or the next would be too late. If you made it out, I'd love to know what you saw.
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