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CNN is infotainment, not news. Same as Fox and most TV "news". They're all the same, with varying degrees of influence.

CNN wasn't bad a few decades ago. But the first Gulf War was the beginning of the end for their credibility. Bernard Shaw was among the last good journalists they had. I remember two things about Shaw in particular:
  • His stern, firm but fair moderating of the Bush vs Dukakis debate. Something missing from most debates now.
  • Shaw being in Bagdhad during the US air strike and being rightfully terrified. It's one of the few times an on-scene reporter was accurate about how it feels to be in the middle of a firefight, whether real or field exercise. I've only been in field drills and the noise is overwhelming. The explosions and .50 cal machine gun are a gut thump. Even with double hearing protection you feel it in your entire body. The blood pressure and heart rate increase. It feels like panic no matter how much you tell yourself it's only a drill.
After that CNN fell into step with the "in-bedded" journalism approach of begging for scraps from the government and military in everything from covering wars to the White House.

Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Grace officially marked the end of CNN's credibility. The network chose to go down the road of sensationalism, partisanship, faux-expertise and reckless appeals to emotion and divisiveness.

I was a newspaper reporter years ago and often bumped shoulders with TV and radio reporters. TV reporters have always been shallow and went for the highest impact emotional hook without regard to context. Nowadays it's called clickbait or trollbait, but they've always done it. Even when I was interviewed or asked to comment for TV, and they knew I was a reporter, they still took things out of context. I expected this and wasn't surprised or disappointed.
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