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Originally Posted by santoro8 View Post
So, I have my eye on getting a used 2000 Lemond Zurich, and being somewhat of a newbie and not the most knowledgeable on these things, I'd appreciate any advice. I'm mainly wondering what I should look out for, and if there are any points of caution or things that might need replacing soon. I'd be using the bike for long-ish rides for the fun of it, not for any kind of racing, and I like what I've read about its combo of riding comfort with still good performance.

I haven't seen the bike yet, but it's said to be in great condition and looks nice in photos, and is said to have ~5000 miles in its current form (maybe the frame and fork have more?). It's not stock, and was built from the frame and fork (853 steel frame and carbon fork). It has all dura ace components (9-speed, so 10+ years old I'm guessing?) and Mavic Ksyrium wheelset.

With this amount of use (and assuming no obvious or visible damage), might I have to consider needing to replace any components soon? I don't really need the bit of saved weight from dura ace parts, but I do imagine replacing a worn component would get pricey. The original stock version of this bike was all ultegra.

Also, I've read that the old carbon forks from this era might be wise to replace, just based on material lifespan and use. I don't want to land on my face while riding one day. What would something like that likely cost?

And without my saying the asking price, and assuming it fits me well, what do you think is a fair price for this bike with these components? The all-stock version seems to sell pretty reliably in the ~$500 region.

Thanks a lot.
Great frame i own one as well Dura ace thing rides great on 28's. Smoove .........
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