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OK so I owe it to you lever front derailleur nerds, particularly @ThermionicScott to bring this one back up to date. I haven't done much, and it's been out of embarrassment, mostly. Here is why.
I was building this René Herse style front derailleur having never seen one. Now, I have a real one.
And René Herse's work puts mine to shame. You see, I'm too American about this, in the most stereotypical way possible: I made it too big.

The actual Herse thing is there for comparison. Not only is it much more delicate, but it also has a hollow push-rod. What did I think I was building? A locomotive? Geez. Anyway now the question is whether to push on or to re-do it. I am thinking I'll bore down the center of my push-rod to add lightness, at the very least, and probably keep my work the way it is on this bike.

For reference, mine is a 3/8" OD square bar going through a 1/2" OD square tube. René Herse's is a 7mm OD square tube going through a 9 or 10mm OD square tube. The walls of these tubes are really only about 1mm thick. In comparison, mine are much thicker.

The nice thing about having an actual Herse front derailleur, made to shift a 28-48, is that I can now just copy his cage to shift my 28-48.

Trying hard to look on the bright side here. This thing looks like a boat anchor in comparison to what René Herse built, but I don't think square tubing is available to make something like what René Herse made. I think I can get 10mm OD/1mm thick wall square tubing from China, which might be an appropriate way forward in the future.
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