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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
crazy they never distinguish the difference between Resins and plastic in that article.

which means that when you mix Carbon and Resin..... It isn't exactly carbon and plastic.

Probably why drive shafts are carbon fiber, and Bumpers are ABS plastic etc.....
If we want to be precise, words like "resin" and "plastic" have a lot of different meanings depending on the context and level of specificity. The page you're referencing has a lot of inconsistencies and draws from a lot of sources that aren't all on the same page as each other.
The resins used in bicycle frame construction are generally synthetic polymer resins, not some stuff scraped off a tree.

The reason that a thermoplastic bumper isn't referred to as "carbon fiber" is because it's usually a purely plastic molding with no carbon fiber in it. If a plastic bumper was laid up with sheets of carbon fiber reinforcing the structure, people would call it "carbon fiber", but there would still be plastic bonding the carbon sheets.

I'm not saying that it makes sense to use "it's plastic" as a broad insult to carbon frames. But plastic does not have "nothing" to do with carbon frames.
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