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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
The purpose of the UCI requiring that all equipment be available to the public was to keep teams from doing this very thing: Spending millions to sponsor development of gear that provides a competitive advantage and the sport devolving into a pay-to-win system that rewards the teams with money.

Unfortunately, that hasn't really worked out yet.

The only superbike that's somewhat reasonably obtainable is the LOOK.
I remember the whole kerfuffle about the uksi bike and it went a bit further than the whole 100k, 100k handlebars and 25k helmet. It wasn't just the cost but the unspecified leadtimes as well.

Uk go the furthest, but they're not alone. Can't buy any of he German bikes/wheels. Can buy the NZ Avanti, but not the handlebars. Can buy the US felt but you'll need 25k and the bars are made for you. Can you get the new Anchor or Koga yet?

You could and still can buy the Aus bike, like the Look, but the development goodies aren't quite for sale.
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