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Originally Posted by pierrej View Post
He's only kinda sorta on the Dutch team now I think and I think buys his own bikes, like the argon/avanti/look/bt etc that he's used.

Also if they follow the uksi bike pricing strategy, no team can afford one.

Might ask what ti stuff runs locally just to see how unobtanium it all is.

Based on the article here, they're quoting a price of 15,000 for the complete bike (just shy of $20,000 at current exchange rates), with the frame going for 5,000 and wheels 4,000. Not exactly sure what's included in the definition of 'frame', but given that there's a difference of 6,000 between those two things and the full bike, I'm guessing that the fancy-dan titanium bits are (a) not included, and (b) not cheap.

The fact that there are prices, and that those prices are broadly in line with something like an R96 or a BT Ultra, suggests that this isn't going to be quite as unobtainium as the previous iterations though. I would laugh if Theo Bos bought one...
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