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Originally Posted by Gary Fountain View Post
If it was my bike:

If it was mine, I'd determine if a complete refurbish is warranted?

If I thought it was worth it, I'd strip it down completely and remove all paint from the frame. I think the frame is a little beyond cleaning it up and living with the patina. I usually burn the paint off with an oxy-acetylene heating torch which is fast and does a great job but chemical paint stripper is pretty good too. Once the paint has completely gone you can get a good idea of the frame's actual condition. I'd say the frame is okay but the surface rust needs attention.

The components would need a thorough clean and inspection too.

Back to the frame. I'd go a little crazy sanding the tubes and removing rust damage. Perhaps a file of the lugs if they looked a bit tatty. Inspect the lug brazing and braze up any missing bronze/silver solder. Remove finger prints ready for spraying. I'd spray an undercoat of etch primer then start the colour paint. I like a 2 pack paint but acrylic is okay and easy to spray.

I'd think about whether i'd put any decals under a clear coat or perhaps leave decals for later? By the way, I don't think this frame is a Colnago so I would tend to stay away from any Colnago decals. It may be impossible to find the frame's actual identity so I'd be very tempted to leave decals off the frame.

I think it's important to determine if it has a British or Italian bottom bracket just so I have a better 'feel' for the frame. I like Italian bikes but my money is on a frame with a British BB which makes it easier to get components fore but would lessen my connection to the frame - but that's me.

Then it's time to re-build the bike. What would I use for that? With this bike, I'd tend to use what the bike came with but changing the components that are damaged. From what I see, the components are of a pretty good quality. I would try to find matching components for the missing components. A new set of cables may be required and a really good look at the condition of the head set and bottom bracket bearings is best done now. I'd look for a Concor saddle (my favourite) and relegate the existing saddle to my parts bin and buy some attractive bar tape too.

It looks like a good frame and it should be a nice riding bike.

Oh, yeah, thanks for the good photos.
Thank you! Pretty much the same plan I started to develop. I also think that frame is not Colnago, most components are of good quality and should be cleaned and reused.
I care more about patina on my Martini-Henry that on this frame, the winter is already here in Ontario, below 0C and some snow, so I have some time for sanding and filing.
I have no place/skills to work with two part enamels, I would like to try brush and foam roller as I did painting my canoe or canned spray paint.
Don't think yet to invest in powder coating or professional painting. Checked one place here - it's around 250 CAD for stripping, cleaning and powder coating bike frame.
I would like to replace the rear derailleur - for something like Shimano 600 or Gipiemme derailleurs and shift levers.

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