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11-9-19 Myles Standish State Forest sunny & cooler. successfully found my way back to the Pine Barrens Trail. but man, parts or super rough. meaning narrow, soft & sandy, steep & some areas so eroded the edge was 24" higher than the bottom of the gully

Feet - sock liners & light hiking socks & chem pack toe warmers, which were perfectly adequate for today. they were still warm when I got home
Hands - orange work gloves & bar mitts
Head - thin Smart-wool beanie under helmet w/ visor
Legs - trishorts under cycling pants
Torso - zip neck base & thin orange hoodie

started ride wearing more on but wound up taking off my fleece shirt middle layer about 30 min in

12 pm Started ride 36 degrees
2:25 pm Back at car 38 degrees
8 miles
16.1 mph max
6.2 mph avrg (lots of stops for walking up steep sandy grades, map stuff & pics)
1 hr 18 min in the saddle
2.5 hrs away from car
2:40 pm left lot
4:40 pm home (cpl stops for food & coffee)

the cold threatened but the high 30s wasn't as bad as the hype. parked in lot 2 again & worked my way East & South. stayed inside the park boundaries this time & took the paved bike trail back North. it was super covered w pine needles which made a weird crunching sound riding over them

did pretty well again w/ map & compass but had to use the find my friends phone app to locate myself. it's great to know exactly where you are!

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