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Originally Posted by RMoudatir View Post
I recently built an Otso Warakin gravel bike with a WTB volt saddle since 2 months ago. I don't know much about all my measurements but I am 5'8 and I got a 54 cm frame set, I had my sit bones measured as 142mm so I got the saddle that size. The bike feels great but when riding on the hoods or drops, it feels a bit off like maybe I need to increase the bike's reach and I feel discomfort a few inches outside my sitbones between my glutes and hamstrings when in an aggressive position. It's when on the down stroke, it feels like my upper hamstring/glute hits the back part of the saddle that tapers wider. The tendons inside feel bruised and painful to the touch. I'm from Los Angeles and every bike shop I have asked would tell me that bike fits are not necessary.
I'm not sure if a bike fit will help, that depends on the fitter.

I have had this pain in the past, and traced it to the seat being a little too far forward. As your leg drives down the back of your thigh up high is driven into the edge of the saddle where it is getting wider. You want to move saddle a little farther back, maybe 5 mm, but not so far back that when you are riding more gently you are not sliding off forward. A saddle that is a different shape, that has a faster transition between narrow horn in the front and the wide platform in the back, might also be better overall.
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