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Originally Posted by Minion1 View Post
Did anyone notice if this bike had been used at Glasgow at all? I saw that one of the GB riders racing the scratch or points race on it, with kind of, middle of the pack results? Curious to see how much they're going to test the bike in competition before Tokyo.

This is pretty standard British Cycling stuff though - launch things at a (comparatively) low-key event, where it won't be necessary for them to win and where they can make sure that nobody wins first time out on it or anything. What they will have done is make very careful notes when the commissaires pass it as legal. That's what they did with Boardman's Lotus bike (who makes this new one, again?) - gave it to a solid but unspectacular pro who raced it at a track meet at Leicester and where the new design got passed without any real quibbles, whereas they might have met a bit more resistance if Boardman had debuted it at the Worlds. It's all about setting the precedents and making it more difficult for the UCI to backslide on approving it.
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