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LBS shop filled with saddles

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Sounds to me like itís a bit too wide. Iíd try swapping the saddles. I have several 142mm saddles. One of them is definitely uncomfortable after an hourlong ride, the others are not. I thnk thatís related to the difference in contours. Perhaps thereís enough difference in your saddle contours to be noticeable.
Agree, seems like you'll have to just try some different saddles.

My LBS had over 30 saddles for me to choose from their demo rental fleet.
I selected a Selle saddle only because it felt better than several others (tried 5-6) but was always looking for something more comfortable....then (years later) I read a blog on mtb-bikepacking saddles TDR (Tour Divide Race) riders vouched for and ended up buying a used Terry Fly from Ebay for my year round riding on the rigid fatbike.
During the first ride I thought Neo/Matrix-this's the one and felt like I won the "exacta @ Saratoga!".
A week later I then purchased an identical one for my roadbike and I've been a happy rider for the past 4 years...(IMO) with the right shorts (w/straps) and saddle, Okale stuff/chamois-type cream is never necessary any more after early in the season.

Addendum: (since you mentioned 54 vs. 56 cm frame) Perhaps your LBS may lend you a layback/setback seat post to do some more trial and error w/ further sliding of the saddle on the rails to help optimize a more comfortable saddle position (before investing more $)??

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