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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post

.. it isn't that far-fetched that we could see a trend of debt as grounds for dismissal, in which case only people who own their vehicles outright without debt would be allowed to apply and/or remain employed.
Nothing says "dependable employee" like a stiff portfolio of crippling debt. If had had my way, my company would employ exclusively young, single dads with child support payments, student loans on useless degrees and really nice cars. Rock Solid Workforce.

As for the job moving, I can imagine an employer saying they only want to hire people who live within five miles of the workplace and if you drive you're fired.
You have a vivid imagination. With the posible exception of some niche market business, there is no employer in the world that gives a rats arse how the workers get there, only that they do so, on time, with great regularity.
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