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Originally Posted by carpediemracing View Post
Thanks on the rings/cogs link.

SRM - they offer 160 now, at least on their site (Origin track), but believe it or not I'm going to start with 170 and see how it goes. Using a 175 on the road, I've had a hard time getting used to even a 170, having tried it 3 different seasons in the last 12 years or so.

I'm pretty vested in SRM, with two on my road bikes, so having a third would keep things consistent. I don't want to be wondering if the power reading is off from one crank to another. Plus I'd have spare heads, pickups, etc. And with trade in stuff I may be able to save some money.
What I meant was, you don't really need power on the track. It's definitely nice, and I have it, but just starting out, not really necessary. Also, IIRC, you are still running wired SRM head units. The newer ones are wireless. I don't know that they will work together. And if you opt for an older wired SRM, many of them are not weather sealed. This isn't an issue unless you travel with your bike outside your car.
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