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Road pedal/cleats support all of the forces including alignment forces through the cleat itself, which has a much wider interface stance than an SPD cleat/pedal.

MTB pedals rely on the shoe's tread to find support at the pedal body, which varies greatly between different models/brands of pedals.

As shoe tread wears, the mtb shoe suffers from resulting slop/play between the shoe and pedal.

The road cleat has other advantages. Road cleats release with much more consistent force levels that is affected less by any tilting torque on the shoe.

And the road cleat spreads it's contact over a much wider area of the shoe sole, so less flex there and less in the way of uncomfortble distortion of the sole over the life of the shoe.

Lastly, the metal-to-metal parts of an SPD pedal can wear significantly, even when used purely for road riding. Road pedals seem less affected by this.
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